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Drop Rate HOWLING CAFE F2 - Luna Online

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Wild Cave Eyebat, Health: 4054 - lvl 61
Drops: emerald, animal leather piece, fairy's feather, Ornamental Philosopher's Feather, Elemental Bow, Flamelist's Robe, Parrot's Cross Belt Suit, Berserker's Mace, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

Troll Shaman; Health: 5348 - Lvl 72
Drops: fairy feather piece, argentum, magic powder, Damned One's Robe, Flame Staff, Ornamental Philosopher's Gloves, Coyote's Flame Staff Deer's Flame Staff , Master Grant, Accesswell

Deep Cave Basilisk; Health: 5439 - Lvl 73
Drops: dragon scale leather piece, opal piece, animal leather piece, Flame Staff, Kadesh Armor, Kadesh Gauntlets, Master Breaker, Monster of the integers - Lv 80

Troll Guard; Health: 5520 - Lvl 74
Drops: perium ore, Litheon, copper ore, dragon bone piece, Troll Hero's ArmorGrim Reaper's ScytheLeather Shoes Stained with Blood , Soul of the Warrior, Ornamental Philosopher's Shoes, Master's Blade, Wiesel

Oge Guard; Health: 9725 - Lvl 76
Drops: dragon scale leather piece, Litheon piece, sapphire piece, cotton piece, Elephant's Master Grinder Butcher's Leather Gloves,Leather Gloves Stained with BloodMask Stained with Blood ,Whale's Master Knife, Pheonix Boots, Harmel

Ogre Shaman; Health: 9955 - Lvl 78
Drops: fairy feather piece, moonstone piece, silk piece, wool piece,Coyote's Master Grant Source of the Ancient Magical Power ,AncientMagical Power Gloves Monkey's Chaos Staff , Tunic of the Colchis, Crow's Master Grant, Accesswell


Laito; Health: 15382 - Lvl 62
Drops: opal piece, Accesswell, wind crystal piece, Song of the WarriorWhale's Storm Hammer , Sword of the Gladiator, Giant Ax, Storm Hammer, Tiger's Gladiator's Blade Lion's Giant Ax 

--- all normal mobs can be seen under the Dryed Gazell Fall Section.


Dobeik; Health: 19338 - Lvl 72 (Salamander Boss -- NOT SALAM)
Drops: ruby piece. Harmel, Orichalcum piece, Hell's BreathTiger's Griffon Wing BowEternal Flame Ring, Storm Eye, Bow of the Griffon's Wing, Lion's Rock Crusher Whale's Storm Eye

Salam; Health: 38439 - Lvl 66
All Kinds of HQ Gems, Bow TieTiger's Great BerserkerLion's Soul of the WarriorLion's Crack DividerTiger's Black Mithril Knife


Tarintus - Level 90
Legend: Chivalry Of The Church's Symbol, Enchant Scroll: Weapon 80-119, Enchant Scroll: Armor 80-119, Sealed Tarintus' Necklace,Sealed Tarintus' RobeSealed Tarintus' HelmetSealed Dragon Slayer EmblemKruz's Frost SwordPanace's Hammer Of The Ocean,Zephyr's Chaos BowZephyr's Eclipse DaggerFeira's Stick Of The Mother Earth


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